Wed, Sep 15 | KC Kitchen Center

September Pop-Up Market

Join us for another fun Pop-Up Market at KC on September 15th - 18th from 10am until 4pm.
Registration is Closed

Time & Location

Sep 15, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
KC Kitchen Center, 5902 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919, USA

About the Event

Pop-Up Vendors Include:

The Kraken's Cup

The Kraken's Cup is an eclectic new tea house and restaurant coming soon to Knoxville. Our menu will offer a large variety of teas (over 50 types), traditional 3-tier afternoon tea service, lunches, desserts,  and more. With an ambiance that will ignite your imagination, we also plan to offer events such as tea tastings,  tea-related classes, and event space for your parties and meetings. Our grand opening has been delayed by over a year, so we are very excited for the opportunity to engage with the public and have you all join us on this adventure.


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Eat My Granola

Our granola journey began over 13 years ago when we opened our Farm to Table Bed and Breakfast, The Black Sheep Inn and Spa, and our lead Granola Monster, Debbie Meritsky created a signature organic granola to serve to our guests that would be delicious, nutritious, and healthy. Deb’s personal passion and professional background has been in the food world since she was 8 years old. A graduate of New England Culinary Institute, in Montpelier Vermont, Deb couldn’t leave the world of food behind when the Black Sheep Inn was sold, and decided in early 2021 that the world needed to experience her great granola creations through a new business called Eat My Granola.

We both enjoy a gluten free and grain free diet, so we know how challenging it is to find foods that fit into the tight confines of our dietary choices. With that in mind, Deb’s been experimenting with the many ways the spices and other organic ingredients they love will fit into multiple recipes to enhance your organic granola eating experience.  Eat My Granola never uses process oils, sugars or low quality ingredients.

We are also very passionate about utilizing the highest quality ingredients, local when possible, and in support of other small and local businesses where the many ingredients can be combined to create granola blends that tantalize your tastebuds and keep you on track with your dietary needs. Not only do we craft Grain free and Gluten free, we’re adding many new blends, like our Keto, Vegan, Low Glycemic, and Hand held granola snacks. Soon, we will be offering online ordering through our website and on our social media channels. You can also find us at the many Artists and Farmers Markets throughout Knoxville, several local food delivery services, and in the near future, at specialized retail locations here in Knoxville. Wholesale packaging and custom blends are also available. We encourage you to connect with us and tell us what you’re looking for in a granola that will help keep you on your dietary course. Email us at, Call us at 330-802-5533 to chat, and Follow/Like us at @eatmygranolanow, #eatmygranolanow,

Sugar by KJ - details coming soon!

Simply Lilly Boutique  - details coming soon!

Yum Yum Patisserie - details coming soon!

Silver Lining - details coming soon!

Makes Cents

A traveling jeweler/artist that believes a penny is a metaphor for EVERYTHING in life: faith, luck, sharing, communication,evolution, forgiveness, identity, rejection, etc.. and has a story to tell.

Inspired by a persons unique/personal story, Christinea creates jewelry to provide a safe place for open conversation. The penny reminds us of our value, no matter how small we may feel, and shows us the ripple effects in its absence.

Currently, Christinea is bouncing around the country living the “tiny van life” in her Kia Soul with her 70 lb dog. They will be in a different state every week for approximately three months to spread hope and encouragement. You don’t have to follow her on the road to grab yourself one of these intention pieces. Pop into KC Kitchen Center (insert pop up info) to find that perfect gift. Makes Cents Jewelry was born on suicide prevention approximately 9 years ago, so it only makes sense to give back to mental health organizations with every purchase.

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Saintly Stitches - details coming soon!


Originally founded upon a passion for honeybees and a joke at a restaurant, RatherBeeInNC is a Knoxville-based illustration studio which specializes in creating stickers, decals, and prints that people of all ages can enjoy. Our designs take inspiration from the people and places we encounter in our daily lives, and we hope to pass onto others the same love of life and adventure we have anytime they see our work.

The Plant Trolley - details coming soon!

Vendor Booths on the Lower Level Include:

(please note, artists and makers on the lower level of the market may not be personally represented in their booth on all days....but they love you for visiting and hope you will tag them when you visit their space so they can say thank you!)

Daisy Chains Crochets

Casey Bohanan has been crocheting ever since her grandmother taught her in her teens. It quickly became a bonding experience for them, and also a great way to express her creativity through yarn. A decade of practice later, she enjoys continuing Nana's legacy by creating unique items from koozies for your coffee to custom stuffed animals for your kids. Stop by her booth, you never know what she'll be working on next!

Shop Daisy Chains on Etsy:

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Gwyn Pevonka

Visit Gwyn Pevonka online:

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Filigree Inc. - details coming soon!

Pedal Java

Visit Pedal Java online:

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K Candles

A few years back, Karolina, the owner of K-Candles felt the need to add something extra to the atmosphere of her home, even more so after cooking; air fresheners and sprays made her re-think her choices mainly because of that synthetic smell. Unable to find what she was looking for, Karolina decided to create her own eco-friendly, beautifully-scented candles. In her research, she came across natural soy wax and loved the benefits. They are biodegradable, burn clean from start to finish and they are soot free and dye free. She hopes everybody enjoys her candles as much as she does.

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Elias Mom Crafts - details coming soon!

Reel Barrels - details coming soon!

Crosskirk - details coming soon!

Happy Jack Creations

Visit Happy Jack online:

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Made by Kelley - details coming soon!

M3C Design

Michaelanne Collins is a local artist specializing in floran and angler art (her two passions.) Her first career was as an architect specializing in hospital and medical facility design. Although she loved it, the need to be independently creative led to her second career as a full-time artist. Add to that her family's love of fly fishing and exploring the Smokies, and you can often find her riverside painting what her family catches. Her collection features a wide variety of artwork that encapsulates her favorite hikes, beach and mountain vacations, wildflower discoveries, and her love for the outdoors.

Michelanne hopes you can find something inspiring among her collections of handmade paper collages, original acrylic, palette knife, and fluid art canvases, water colors, pens and ink sketches, and framed prints.

Shop M3C Design on Etsy:

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A Bunch of Palava - details coming soon!

Lola Bee Soap

My husband and I like many others out there started being more conscious about the products we were using and what we put in and on our body. That is how Lola Bee Soap Co. was born. All our soaps are handcrafted in small batches in East Tennessee and we want to offer a product with a label you can actually read and understand.

We have hand selected our ingredients keeping in mind all the amazing properties that each and every one of them bring to our luxurious bar of soap combined with inviting scents, fun designs and colors to offer you a healthier way to care for your skin, elevating your shower experience. Handcrafted soap is gentler on your skin because of the lack of synthetic agents in it. Our soap is free of harsh chemical additives such as parabens  and other petrochemicals ingredients.

Visit Lola Bee Soap online:

Tonya Rose Tea - details coming soon!

Food Truck:

Johnboy's BBQ

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For more information, please email

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