Stone Care Products

You've made an investment in your home by adding beautiful stone countertops. Protect that investment for years to come by properly caring for your stone. KC Kitchen Center offers a variety of stone care products, so you're sure to find the right one to fit your needs.


Not sure where to start with stone care? Find the answer in our FAQs.


Stone Care FAQs:

Why do I need to use special products to clean my stone countertops?

Good question! These products are made without ammonia or harsh chemicals, which could eat away at the sealer on your countertop. Using special cleaners like those listed above will aid in keeping your countertop sealed and protected as long as possible.

Which stone care product is right for my countertops?

We highly recommend any of the products listed above - especially the All-In-One Stone Care Kit for across the board care. This kit is perfect for any stone you choose, and it comes with all of the materials needed to get the job done! However, if you do not wish to use these, we suggest using warm water and Dawn dish soap.

How often do I need to reseal my countertops?

That depends on which sealer you choose during your project. We offer 1 Year, 10 Year, and 15 Year sealers. The 1 Year sealer is only good for 1 year, and will need to be resealed annually. The 10 Year and 15 Year sealers are guaranteed for those respective lengths of time, however we've seen them last much longer. If you clean with the DuPont Professional Revitalizer and Polish every 2-3 weeks, you can get a longer, more durable seal.