Frequently Asked Questions

To provide you with the best possible shopping experience, we've answered some of our most frequently asked questions. Don't see your question answered here? Please contact us at (865) 971-5800.


Will I have a seam?

If you have a countertop that is longer than 90", there will have to be a seam. We hide seams as best as possible, and will discuss the placement that is best for you.

Do I need a sealer?

That depends on the countertop material you choose. If you choose Quartz or Recycled Glass, you will not need a sealer. These are manmade, non-porous materials. However, if you choose any natural stone like Granite or Marble, you do need a sealer. We offer 1 Year, 10 Year, and 15 Year sealers for our natural stone countertops.

Do you offer sinks?

We only keep undermount sinks in stock. We carry Blanco Silgranit Precis Composite, Solera and Dakota Stainless Steel sinks (Could you possibly link the sinks that we carry? I will add the links at the bottom of this email.), but we also have a few local suppliers we can recommend for other options. *PLEASE NOTE: Blanco and Solera's online suggested retail pricing does NOT reflect the way we will be pricing the sinks to you.*

Do I need to remove my current countertops before my measure appointment?

It is suggested that you do remove the older countertops for the best fit. However, it is not completely necessary. If you are using backsplash made out of the same material as your countertop, we do not need the tops to be removed. If you are putting tile all the way down to the countertops, then we highly recommend that all the old is removed. We offer services to remove the old if needed, which can be discussed with your project manager before the measure appointment.


Can I use the same material as my kitchen project?

Yes! If you use KC Kitchen Center for your kitchen project and we have a remnant, we will hold it for a bathroom project if needed.

Do I have to pay for a full slab?

We have remnants in stock that are big enough for most bathrooms and smaller projects. If you chose one of the these that we already have available, then you only pay for what you need. However, if we have to cut into a full slab, then you will have to pay a 35 sq. ft. minimum.

Do I need a backsplash in a bathroom?

Yes. We are able to make same material splash if needed, but we at least recommend tile to protect the walls and cabinets from water damage.

Will my project go faster because the countertop is smaller?

No. Each job is put in line behind the previous measurement. While we do try to complete jobs as fast as possible, we do not place smaller jobs in front of larger projects

Fab Only Pick Up

I have a really small project. Can I get a discount if I pick it up and install it myself?

Yes! We call that Fab Only Pick Up meaning you provide the measurements, finished edges and other fabrication details. Our fab shop will cut and finish pieces and deliver to the showroom for you to pick up.

Is every color available for Fab Only Pick Up?

No, we limit Fab Only Pick Up to a select number of colors and will go over that with you during the selection process.

Will you deliver my Fab Only Pick Up?

No, Fab Only Pick Up orders must be picked up in our showroom. If you need your slab delivered it will be treated as an install and charged accordingly.

Is there sales tax on a Fab Only Pick Up?

Yes, a Fab Only Pick Up order becomes a retail sale and will be subject to TN Sales Tax.

Why do I have to pay for a Fab Only Pick Up in advance?

Because we are relying on the project to be picked up and the price is so deeply discounted we must collect 100% of the payment in advance.

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