Recycled Glass Countertops

For an incredibly unique look, recycled glass countertops are the perfect statement-maker. Composed of small chips of recycled glass in a resin, these countertops are a beautiful and sustainable choice for your kitchen.

** Recycled glass slabs are a special order item. Please visit our showroom to view samples and install examples.

Still have questions? Find the answers you need in our FAQs


Recycled Glass FAQs:


How does recycled glass compare to quartz?

Recycled glass and quartz are made the same way - the main substance is ground and combined with resins and polymers, but recycled glass countertops use crushed glass as the main substance instead of ground quartz.

How do you clean recycled glass?

We recommend warm soapy water or glass cleaner without ammonia. And for periodic maintenance, use All-in-One Stone Cleaner. Recycled glass does not need to be sealed.

Since it’s recycled glass, is it less expensive than other countertops?

No. Because of the expense to collect and process the glass used and the manufacturing process it makes it one of our more expensive countertop materials.

Are recycled glass countertops durable?

Yes. Recycled glass is scratch resistant, but we do not recommend cutting directly on it. As with any countertop surface, we recommend you use a hot pad or trivet when placing hot items on it.   


How should I maintain my recycled glass countertops?
Our care and maintenance recommendations can be found in our Care & Maintenance Guide.